Texas HB 1202- Another Piece of Legislation with no Penalties for Businesses that Hire Illegal Immigrants

                                                Texas State Legislators                                     

Caryn Freeman 4:39PM EST
Just two years out from the 2012 Presidential election federal lawmakers are still avoiding the issue of how to handle the burden of illegal immigration in the US. As more and more states are forced to take up the issue on their own we continue to see more and more toothless legislation with vague descriptions of what penalties would be for those who hire illegal immigrants.

Section 40.02 article (a) in Texas HB 1202 states "A person commits an offense if the person
intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:
(1) employs an unauthorized alien;
(2) contracts for the performance of labor or other
work with an unauthorized alien; or
(3) contracts or subcontracts for the performance of
labor or other work with another person the actor knows will employ
or contract with an unauthorized alien to perform labor or other
work under the contract or subcontract."

"Intentionally, knowingly, recklessly" that gives a lot of wiggle room for employers who continue to play dumb and claim to have no knowledge that their non-English speaking employees could be undocumented workers. Both sides of the isle hide behind the talking point that "we must go after those who hire these workers" but would rather circumvent the law. We elect lawmakers that create new laws so when they ignore the law the new law can be interpreted by-way of creating no penalty for their ignoring the rule of law in the first place. Welcome to the new American Democracy.

How we have come to a place where our lawmakers are no longer required to recognize current law and have found loopholes, just as these employers have. I'm not quite sure. By proposing new ineffective legislation, then saying later "it's the law I know it doesn't work so we need new legislation." Sounds like these lawmakers don't want to get off the taypayer money train and will do whatever it takes to continue to live on tax payer dollars while producing nothing that actually benefits the taypayer. Our system of government has become an industry that writes meaningless law so they can keep their jobs of writing more meaning less legislation.

I'm beginning to get confused myself. What is not confusing is that tax payers are beginning to wake up and ask where their tax dollars are going. We bailed out the banks in 2008 and we bail out our "lawmakers" every week with our income taxes. We take they hit pay their salaries & they produce nothing. Welcome to the new American regime. Sounds like a lot of double talk to me. I think it much more cost effective to by invisible ink hand them out in Congress and state legislatures. We can support the green initiative by using less paper while saving tax payer dollars and once the ink dries Congress can begin writing new legislation.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Signs Bill Limiting Union Rights

                                          Wisconsin Governor Scott Wakler

Caryn Freeman 12:32PM EST
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed into law a bill that sharply curbs collective bargaining for most public employees, handing organized labor a major setback. What Democrats may be able to thank Governor Walker for is giving them a major political issue to campaign on in the coming year. The controversial bill was signed by the governor in his office this morning with a signing ceremony planned later this afternoon. Governor Scott walker heralded the signing a success. According to the governor it has saved 1500 jobs for Wisconsin state workers. Walker said in a prepared statement. "The reforms contained in this legislation, which require modest healthcare and pension contributions from all public employees, will help put Wisconsin on a path to fiscal sustainability." However the public unions had already agreed to this concession weeks ago in an effort to maintain the union’s collective bargaining rights for salary negotiations, health and pension benefits and other stipulations such as automatic dues.

Democrats have promised supporters that they plan to sue and bring the issue to the federal courts in order to have the "unlawful law overturned" and petitions to recall the governor and all Republican lawmakers involved with the passage of the bill are already being circulated among Wisconsin voters.

Wisconsin State Republicans Dissolve Union Rights as Democrats Continue to Show Little Interest in Off-Year Elections

                                              Wisconsin State Legislators

Caryn Freeman 4:58PM EST
Republicans in Wisconsin's state senate continued today the recent trend of elected officials ignoring the civil liberties of constituents. The controversial legislation around union rights of workers and the bill that prohibits bargaining on health and pension benefits and restricts some aspects of pay negotiating passed today without Wisconsin’s democratic State Senators present. Republicans used a quorum to take up any measures that spends money. Republicans made several technical changes to the legislation — taking out the spending measures but leaving in collective-bargaining changes — that eliminated the need for any Democrats to be present.

The bill essentially blocks automatic deductions for union dues, impedes collective bargaining and erodes the abilities of unions to negotiate on behalf of workers. State legislatures across the country are working to get their fiscal houses in order protests continue to brew in many states. The tough lesson these workers may have learned is that not voting in critical of year elections has significant consequences.

The "shellacking" of Democrats in Congress and across the country last November has had severe consequences. , some of which have yet to be seen. Democratic initiatives on the State and Federal level from Union rights to education and health benefits are at risk. This is the high price that workers in Wisconsin are facing and may be the wakeup call that the party has needed for years in order to galvanize their constituent base & get Democrats to the polls in off year elections.
With obvious civil liberties at stake the one liberty that cannot be threated, due to the voting rights act, is the right for every American to get up and get to the polls. The nineteen state houses that were lost in November are all currently facing similar "budget cutting" legislation by Republican controlled legislatures. Although some Democratic members of Wisconsin’s state senate see Thursday's vote as a "violation of law" according to Peter Barca, Wisconsin Assembly minority leader. The political process remains in full swing with or without the approval of the voters who decide not to turn out in these crucial off year elections.

Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller said this earlier today "In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin. Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten," In an interview with the Associated Press, Miller said there is nothing Democrats can do now to stop the bill: "It's a done deal."

With that said what is yet to be seen is what the Democrats plan to do to insure that this "shellacking", the Democrats faced last November does not take the party ant further down the “rabbit hole.” With four state legislatures facing elections later this year, including Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia and the Presidency itself is at stake in just under two years. Will Democrats get off the mat before the next round of voters head to the polls? With today’s harsh blow in Wisconsin the count is now 82-0 in favor of the Republicans. Sixty-two seats in Congress, nineteen state legislatures and one blow to the unions. It is indeed an uphill battle for Democrats.

Senior Fellow at Brookings Institute Recommends California Education Initiatives Reach Out to Hispanic Children, No Education Initiatives for Non-Hispanic Children are Mentioned

                                        William H. Frey Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute

Caryn Freeman 11:28AM EST
The 2010 US census has revealed few surprises regarding population growth in the US. Many experts had forecasted that most population growth would be by Hispanics and primarily in states along the unguarded border between the US and Mexico, including California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. What few expected is that organizations or "think tanks" would make statements like that of William H. Frey of the Brookings Institute, who told the Washington Post today that "Hispanics are the future of California” and “Any local or state initiatives that have to do with education need to reach out to this population." William Frey is the Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program. Considering that Mr. Frey holds this post one might find it surprising that that he has not taken into consideration the declining education of all children in the public school system in California and other states along the border and some cases this decline is due to a massive diversion of resources that are a result of illegal immigration in states like California & Arizona. These states have huge budget deficits in part due to the abuse of public resources by illegal immigrants.

Fair, the Federation for American Immigration Reform released a study last month that examines the fiscal burden of illegal immigration on United States taxpayers. Follow the link below for more information. When it comes to California in particular, according to a study done by The Federation for American Immigration Reform, the California state deficit comes to "$14.4 billion in 2010-2011, is hit with an estimated $21.8 billion in annual expenditures on illegal aliens." The suggestion that more resources be diverted from Californians to one population of children while ignoring other children in the state is thoughtless and irresponsible.

Politically the two parties have not resolved the issue of how the Hispanic vote affects the electorate and what impact the Hispanic community has on important elections especially in the west and southwest. What we did learn in the 2010 midterm, which held critical Democratic legislation in the balance, including Healthcare and additional financial assistance to students seeking to further their is that organizations like Latinos for Reform would rather engage in voter suppression in lieu of confronting the fact that sates are suffering due to millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants using state and federal resources to support their families while many Americans pay the price with heavy tax burdens and loss of community resources that would benefit all races and communities. Robert de Posada, the group's head, told ABC News in October 2010 "the ad doesn't specifically target Democrats." With that said, no Republican lawmakers are shown in either the English or the Spanish-language ads.

We have contacted the Brookings Institute press representative John Fairbanks and are awaiting a reply regarding these comments from William H. Frey, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institute

Federation for American Immigration Reform full report on fiscal burden of illegal immigration below;