More Attacks on Obamacare

Caryn Freeman 
At today’s Government Oversight and Reform hearing on the "Impact of Obamacare on Job Creators and Their Decision to Offer Health Insurance" it appeared as though the panel was eager to spew Republican talking points on so-called “job killing policies. “We want to employ people, we want to provide health insurance we just don’t want mandates shoved down our throats,” Will Morey, President & CEO of Morey's Piers told the committee. The argument seemed to shift between the cost of healthcare reducing profits and preventing re-investment in business and the new healthcare mandates making  it easier for employer’s to simply say “I’m out and send them to the exchanges,” Ms. Victoria J. Braden President & CEO of Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc., explained.
Exchanges were a hot topic as the panel seemed to move between arguing to the committee that the mandates were unfair and threating to send employees to the exchanges thereby shifting the burden of insurance to the government and taxpayers.