Five Days and the Default Clock Keeps Ticking

Caryn Freeman
The House pulled the debt ceiling bill yesterday the vote is expected later today. Today’s vote will wrap up another week endless back and forth over a possible default. For now here’s the latest on Fast and Furious, radicalization of Muslim communities and H.R. 2572, the "Clean Up Government Act of 2011."
Tuesday: The Justice Department came to the Hill to ask congress for more leadership in ensuring that the Department of Justice and FBI have all of the necessary tools to continue to pursue and prosecute government corruption and fraud with, H.R. 2572, the "Clean Up Government Act of 2011" In New Jersey alone, the United States Attorney’s Office has had twenty-seven convictions, including a state assemblyman, city council president, and mayor.

This week’s Fast and Furious hearing revealed that guns were essentially allowed to “walk” and there was no means to track them. Only six of the two-thousand weapons were assigned GPS tracking devices. Of those guns that were tracked the batteries died therefore the arms were lost as traffickers moved them from the hands of U.S. agents to the streets of Mexican cities. The witness’s explanation was that the guns were tracked as they were seized by authorities. The ATF's method of "tracking" Fast and Furious firearms resulted in only six hundred of the two-thousand weapons released by U.S. officials being returned. 
Wednesday: In the Muslim Radicalization hearing on Al Shahab a report was released documenting the recruitment activities of Al Shahab. Al Shahab is a terrorist group fighting to overthrow the government of Somalia. As of summer 2010, the group is said to control most of the southern and central parts of Somalia. The organization has an active recruitment and radicalization network inside the U.S. targeting Muslim-Americans in Somali communities.  According to the report at least forty or more Americans have joined Al Shahab.
The Financial Services Committee hearing on “Oversight of the Credit Rating Agencies Post Dodd-Frank”, the commission proposed a new rule that would require an NRSRO to have “standards of training, experience, and competence for its credit analysts that are reasonably designed to ensure that the NRSRO produces accurate credit ratings.” The Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization, (NRSRO) is a credit rating agency that issues credit ratings that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission permits other financial firms to use for certain regulatory purposes.

Thursday: When it came the forty-eight billion in waste due to Medicare fraud the antifraud strike forces in California, Florida and the gulf states working in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney’s office and aided by the health care anti-fraud account has helped recover six dollars for every one dollar put into the fund. To say the least we owe it to the tax payers to do something about this kind of fraud, it is their money.
In Thursday’s Oversight and Reform hearing on the impact of Obamacare on job creators Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) accused Democrats of inflating the number of uninsured by including fourteen million illegal immigrants and people who were eligible for Medicare but had never applied.  “The number was thirty-million half of whom are here illegally, the other half had not applied but was eligible for Medicare.” By his calculation the other portion were uninsured americans that he described has, “young and bullet proof,” and had opted not to get healthcare insurance.