White House Hosts Meeting on Immigration Reform

                                          Immigration rally outside of White House

Caryn Freeman 12:08PM EST
Days after the killing of Osama bin Laden and reports of several different versions of what actually occurred during the raid, from the White House's version to the Pentagon's version to actually eyewitness reports by a tweeter in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The one question that remains is will this pay off for Obama politically? So far all sides are saying this was a big win for the President but the economy, immigration and the deficit are still pressing issues that must be addressed before 2012. Much work needs to be done by the Obama Administration in the next year to ensure a significant lead going into next year’s conventions. The White House is holding talks today with legislators and activists close to the immigration issue, including former Florida senator Mel Martinez, NYC Mayor Michel Bloomberg, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the immigration issue the President may have his back against the wall. Though he may be forced to do some posturing for the Latino community. Most Americans are not concerned with immigration. We all know the economy is the issue that galvanized voters in 2010 to take back the House and gain a significant number of seats in the Senate.

With both sides beholden to the Latino community for their votes and the Latino community’s loyalty to illegal immigrants. Democrats need the votes and the Republicans in the business community are desperate for cheap labor. The answer to the immigration problem may lie in the hands of the Tea Party. If the Tea Party can raise the level of discourse beyond racist rants and build an argument based on fiscal issues, the diversion of resources from education to clamping down on union and state pensions in states that are overrun by illegal immigrants who abuse public resources for example, and the burden on local law enforcement. Maybe the states hardest hit by the migration of illegal immigrants can address the multiple felonies and massive fraud in states like California and Arizona. Isn’t it a crime to lie on a federal document? Anyone using a false social security number and then signing an I-9 form to work here illegally has committed a felony. Lying on state forms to get food stamps, housing and other welfare is also a crime. Unreported income on these forms is another crime.

If we are going to ask for amnesty for persons who commit multiple felonies. I am certain there are plenty of U.S. citizens in the criminal justice systems who have committed non-violent, non-drug related felonies in an attempt to better their lives and the lives of their children who would like amnesty as well. Where are they in this debate? Until politicians desperate for votes, Latino organizations thirsty for political power and business owners greedy for more cheap labor discuss the aforementioned issues, the immigration debate is not a debate. It is just another tactic to being used to usurp discussing serious illegalities and persons taking advantage of this moment in history where lawmakers, advocacy groups and business leaders ignore laws in lieu of perusing their own political interests.