Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell talks Economics, Healthcare and Donald Trump in 2012

                                          Virgina Governor Robert McDonnell 

Caryn Freeman 12:14 EST
Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell discussed Virginia economic policy, healthcare law and Donald Trump at the National Press club today in Washington, DC. Gov. McDonnell began the news conference, moderated by Byron York Chief Political Correspondent at The Washington Examiner, by declaring "it's time to govern like a campaign and make some tough decisions." Constituents, who are mostly concerned with the current economic situation, the deficit are unhappy with current and past spending in Washington and are looking for low taxes and job growth. McDonnell may have answers for Virginia. The Governor is taking Virginia global with plans to visit China, Japan and Korea next month to encourage Pacific Rim countries to invest in Virginia. "If we are going to buy products from China, I'd like to have those products made in Virginia....we are not going to tax our way to recovery, we are going to grow our way." The Governor was also asked about the Ryan vs. Obama budget, “a balanced budget amendment is the only way to put a lid on spending," Gov. McDonnell said. "If you give people, (state, local and federal governments), clear direction and more limited resources they will rise to the occasion."

The Governor also discussed yesterday's decision by the Supreme Court to reject Virginias request to expedite review of health-care law saying it was "extremely disappointing" and the law "dramatically undermined the compact of federalism by mandating that states engage in commerce. If states don't comply, the federal government will take your property, your capital." The governor also said he believed the decision was linked in part to the Obama Justice Department and the 2012 elections.

Moderator Byron York also asked the governor about the field of Republican Presidential candidates. York asked Gov. McDonnell if he believed Donald Trump was a "serious candidate." "Yes, because he is doing what Americans like, he is straight talking." When asked about the birther issue McDonnell replied "the problem is not where Obama was born. He is the President and a citizen, the problem with President Obama is his policy, it's devastating for American businesses and our recovery."