Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Signs Bill Limiting Union Rights

                                          Wisconsin Governor Scott Wakler

Caryn Freeman 12:32PM EST
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed into law a bill that sharply curbs collective bargaining for most public employees, handing organized labor a major setback. What Democrats may be able to thank Governor Walker for is giving them a major political issue to campaign on in the coming year. The controversial bill was signed by the governor in his office this morning with a signing ceremony planned later this afternoon. Governor Scott walker heralded the signing a success. According to the governor it has saved 1500 jobs for Wisconsin state workers. Walker said in a prepared statement. "The reforms contained in this legislation, which require modest healthcare and pension contributions from all public employees, will help put Wisconsin on a path to fiscal sustainability." However the public unions had already agreed to this concession weeks ago in an effort to maintain the union’s collective bargaining rights for salary negotiations, health and pension benefits and other stipulations such as automatic dues.

Democrats have promised supporters that they plan to sue and bring the issue to the federal courts in order to have the "unlawful law overturned" and petitions to recall the governor and all Republican lawmakers involved with the passage of the bill are already being circulated among Wisconsin voters.