Boehner's Lack of Leadership in the House Continues

                                             Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-OH)
Caryn Freeman 4:33PM EST
Tuesday's vote was another embarrassing day on the House floor for Speaker Boehner. Fifty-four Republican's, mostly freshmen, but some senior members decided to break ranks and vote against the budget extension bill as promised. Although the republican no votes began to pile up quickly when it became clear the bill would pass with Democratic votes. The lack of leadership by both the Speaker and the White House on resolving this budget issue reeks of the fast approaching campaign where every tough talking politician becomes timid and weak-kneed

The "Pledge to America" House Republicans made last fall has yet to be seen or executed. The Republicans continue to show they are unable to a best make a pledge to one another within their own party. The very effective "Pledge to America" PR campaign that won the GOP sixty-seven seats and gave the republicans an opportunity to show voters, primarily independent voters, how they would change the way things are done in Washington has failed and of course it's business as usual on the Hill. With little being done and no real answers for why these folks can't work together and come through on promises made to voters in 2010.

The 2012 election is fast approaching and it looks like it will be a contentious campaign season, especially for Republican's. Neither party has much political capital to campaign on, in terms of what they have accomplished. To make things worse for "seasoned politicians" who claim to have what it takes to get things back on track with the economy and government itself, Wednesday Donald Trump announced he will be in New Hampshire in June for an appearance at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics' "Politics and Eggs," this forum has become a must-stop for presidential hopefuls. This announcement along with Boehner’s lack of leadership will surely make 2012 a tough year for House Republican's and the Tea Party. Neither group has the expertise or guile to handle what may be coming at them from unhappy voters and serious contenders outside Washington. Contenders that have real world experience and will undoubtedly have no tolerance when dealing with do nothing members of Congress.